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  • is a lot more than mere translating from a source text to target text. The difference being requirement in accuracy, stakes involved etc. It is the translation of text within the field of law. There can be a vast difference between the literatures of the source language and the target language. Any error can lead to serious misunderstandings which further lead to undesirable lawsuits.
  • The translator must be having a wide understanding of the legal rights and duties being discussed in the source text and must be able to translate it to the target text keeping the literature, legalities, culture etc. of the location of the target language. A situation may arise where there may be no direct equivalence between the terms of source language and target language. This needs to be overcome a wide expertise and understanding of the content of the text by the translator.


  • The legal terminologies are actually quite different in different countries. This requires a better understanding of the legal terms used in both, the source and the target countries.
  • There may be some terms which are of no or little relevance to the text in the target text. Use of such terminologies results in confusion during trials leading to some serious consequences. The translator must be able to use a term which is of relevance in both the literatures and stick to the standard procedure.
  • The pairing of the legal culture and literature of the source and target countries is the most challenging part of legal translation.
translation services abu dhabi
translation services abu dhabi


  • The Managing Director of WOSTB Translation services which is based in Abu Dhabi shares his views on what should be the essential qualities of a legal translator. According to him, a legal translator must be thorough in the target language.The translator must be familiar with the legal writing style of the target language. He must also be familiar with the legal systems of both, the source and target country.
  • Must be familiar with the complete terminology of the source or original text.
  • Must be able to find the most relevant word for any word in the source text for the target text.
  • Must be able to convey the meaning as much as possible making it an exact translation.
  • Must be fully aware of the motive behind the translation as the knowing of motive influences the translator and his translation. The tone, selection of words, phrases depends on the knowing of the motive before translation.
  • Must pay attention to details and should not consider cutting of words as the length and repetition plays a vital role in legal translation. Legal translation finds its application in various verticals. It is needed in the documents that legally establish the education or work or personal identity of an individual like educational certificates or diplomas, birth certificates or police records. Some cases need some international judicial assistance; such cases need a proper, accurate and detailed translation of the trial and proceedings which were carried out in the source country. It further finds its application in trade contracts and International treaties between governments.


  • A legal translator must be able to access legal directories and other literature for efficient and error free translation. According to Soriano-Barabino in a book published quite lately “During the translation of legal texts, translators are faced with numerous challenges, including the unevenness of legal systems, the relativity of legal terminology, inconsistent categorisations and classifications between the different branches and fields of law, these hurdles may be overcome, thanks to the analysis of comparative law as a first step towards effective communication”.
translation services abu dhabi
Some resources which every translator must be exposed to are:
  • Bilingual or Multilingual Dictionaries.
  • Monolingual Law Dictionaries.
  • Earlier similar translations
  • Academic books and materials
  • Online content
translation services abu dhabi

Is it rewarding?

  • For the people who are looking to foray into this field are lucky as the demand for such individuals is on rise and will further increase. The Multilingual international law firms are too much after legal translators. They are needed ensure that all legal documentation remains the same and is standardized across all locations. Wostb Legal Translation - the law firm is dealing with the services globally.
  • It may happen that we receive documents in that source country’s native language, which then calls for a certified legal translator to translate those documents into Arabic or any other preferred language. Plus the corruption and bribery across borders is also being checked. Hence as the field of law grows which it is, the need and importance of Legal Translators will too. Hence it is rewarding and we can bet on it.

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